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OSP has the most Points of Presence of any ISP. We now cover 30 towns in Papua New Guinea This means faster local speeds.
OSP has a launched InetMobile. This is a 3G/GPRS/EDGE based USB Modem that can be used anywhere in PNG that has Digicel Coverage. Speeds are >500Kbps on 3G.
Vehicle tracking via the web enables businesses to manage their vehicles better. See I-Net Track at here.
Hotspot access at Airports and hotels. Look for the SSID = OSP Hotspot at the International and Domestic.

Global Roaming

Do you need to stay in touch with email and the Internet while traveling for business or pleasure around the world ?

Do you want to avoid expensive international dialing rates and low quality international phone lines that corrupts or even loses your data ?

Whilst overseas, you can actually access the Internet to retrieve and send e-mail by using the following methods :

Internet Cafe

Access to our webmail is not allowed for security reasons. However, there are quite a few reputable 3rd party websites that will allow you access to your OSP mail. For example, is one our users have used for many years. Enter your full username ( with your usual pwd.

Hotel/Public Wifi

Typically you will again have access using the in-room internet connections or a public WiFi hotspot. Accessing your email will be through a reputable 3rd party website that will allow you access to your OSP mail. For example, is one our users have used for many years. Enter your full username ( with your usual pwd.

Using an email client

If you are attempting to use your Outlook (or similar mail client) to send email then you will need to enquire with the Hotel or Wifi operator to change your SMTP setting to the correct one (for the moment). Remember to change your SMTP back when you come back to PNG.

We are expecting to have a Secure SMTP service operational by Q2 2011, so that you can securely (using SSL) encrypt the conversation between your mail client and our mail server. SecurePOP3/IMAP/SMTP means that the information flowing between your mail client and our servers is secured using SSL, the same encryption system that is used for secure web pages.

Using makes the information flowing between your email program and our mail servers safe from prying eyes 'in the middle' anywhere. This is especially useful for roaming email retrieval. It means that even when using wireless hotspots (such as the OSP Wireless Hotspot Network ) or other potentially 'insecure' Internet access locations, you can retrieve and send email without anyone else having access to it along the way.

Secure email is also Authenticated, which means that the email conversation involves your mail client specifying your OSP username and password as part of the connection. That means that

our mail server 'knows' who you are, and can trust you to use our mail server, even when you are roaming on another network (from a hotel room, or non-OSP wireless hotspots ). So the use of for email means that you can both send and receive email with no configuration changes both at home or office, and while you are on the road (even if you are outside the OSP network!).

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our technical support staff on 7200 6000 or 3200 633 or e-mail

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